Your Blood Never Lies

A standard blood test indicates how well the kidneys and liver are functioning, the potential for heart disease, and a host of other vital health markers. Unfortunately, most of us cannot decipher these results ourselves, nor can we even formulate the right questions to ask about them—or we couldn’t until now.

In Your Blood Never Lies, best-selling author James LaValle clears up the mystery surrounding blood test results. In simple language, he explains all of the information found on these forms, making it understandable and accessible. This means that you can look at the results yourself and know the significance of each marker. Dr. LaValle even recommends the most effective conventional and complementary treatments for dealing with any problematic findings. Rounding out the book are the names of test markers that should be requested for a more complete physical picture.

A blood test can reveal so much about your body, but only if you can interpret the results. Your Blood Never Lies provides the up-to-date information you need to take control of your health.


Cracking the Metabolic Code

Doctors traditionally prescribe a pill for every ill. But for most people, these single solutions don't work. The truth is, most chronic health problems, including stubborn weight gain, unbeatable fatigue, intestinal distress, high blood pressure, creeping cholesterol, and high blood sugar, are not found in simply one organ, but in several parts of the body (often times in twos and threes). This is the result of years of slow, subtle challenges to your metabolism, which is as unique as you are.

Your lifestyle habits, stress level, prescription drug use, and relationships, as well as the genes you inherit and the environment in which you live-in effect, the sum total of your life experience up to this day-determine your personal metabolism and, in turn, your current state of health.

Using a step-by-step, easy-to-implement system of diet, lifestyle strategies, and state-of-the-art nutrients and supplements, James LaValle will help you create an individualized program for reclaiming your metabolism and health.

Cracking The Metabolic Code

The Nutritional Cost Of Drugs

Nutritional Cost of Drugs
2nd Edition

Many of the most widely used prescription drugs cause the body to lose nutrients and, as a result, cause nutritional health problems. Based on extensive scientific research, The Nutritional Cost of Prescription Drugs is the first book for the general public to describe the nutrient losses caused by prescription drugs and present ways to combat these losses and maintain good nutritional health.

Easily accessible and useful information about the interactions between prescription drugs and nutrients in the body has been lacking. The "warnings" we occasionally receive about vitamin or mineral use from drug prescribers are often overly broad or not well supported. Even worse, many of us have come to realize that information about drugs and nutrients from government agencies is not always reliable.

It's essential reading for all prescription drug users.

The Cox-2 Connection

All of us have experienced, at one time or another, the temporary inflammation and pain of a minor injury. But those who suffer from chronic inflammation -whether the result of an injury or a biological disorder-and it's coincidental pain are all too aware of the frequently crippling and debilitating effects of these conditions.

In The Cox-2 Connection, pharmacist and naturalist James B. LaValle shares a thorough overview of treatment options for a variety of disorders for which inflammation is a primary symptom--from osteoarthritis, bursitis, and fibromyalgia to rheumatoid arthritis, gout and dysbiosis. He clearly explains the physiological mechanism that leads to inflammation and pain and includes an in-depth section on pain-management strategies useful for anyone who is experiencing this discomfort, whether temporary or chronic.

Cox-2--or cyclooxygenase-2--is the key enzyme responsible for the body's inflammation and pain response in conditions such as arthritis and bursitis, and it is also linked to the inflammation that may play a significant role in the progression of Alzheimer's and cancer. The Cox-2 Connection, however, goes further than other pain management books by dealing with not only the synthetic, anti-inflammatory Cox-2 inhibitors, such as Celebrex and Vioxx, but also with their natural counterparts that have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. The author thoughtfully evaluates the effectiveness of these inhibitors as well as their side effects and presents exciting new studies that indicate their possible role in preventing Alzheimer's and cancer.

The Cox-2 Connection is an essential and timely reference for anyone trying to understand and manage inflammation and pain and make sense of the exploding availability and potential of ways to deal with them.

The Cox-2

Smart Medicine For Healthier Living

Smart Medicine for Healthier Living
2nd Edition

Here is a book that makes it possible to keep track of your family's health, all in one place. Included are sections for recording children's growth and development, developmental milestones, and immunizations, as well as detailed dietary and health history information, with designated space to attach original copies of important records. Drawing on the Smart Medicine philosophy of integrating conventional medical treatments with a variety of alternative approaches, the author provides room to write down all observations about health, the type of treatments you use, and the responses to them. There are also helpful health notes and checklists throughout.

This book makes it easier than ever to put smart medicine into action.

Diabetes and Cancer:
Epidemiological Evidence and Molecular Links.

Jim LaValle, contributing writer

Abstract: The progression of inflammatory signaling to the metabolomic complications of diabetes usually occurs slowly and creates cellular shifts in biochemistry. Individual nutrigenomics, chronic stress, environmental
intoxication (such as exposure to chemical preservatives or heavy metals), poor dietary choices, gut health, sleep patterns, and other factors can trigger inflammation signaling and as a consequence alter blood sugar
homeostasis, leading to insulin resistance and accumulation of visceral fat. Likewise, repeated dietary insult leads to blood glucose alterations, insulin resistance, and increase in visceral fat deposition and thus enhancing
inflammatory pathways that trigger the downward spiral to chronic illness that eventually may lead to type 2 diabetes and its complications. A movement toward intracellular fermentative metabolism creates intracellular acidity and heightened risk for other chronic disease, including cancer. Proper nutrition and the use of targeted nutritional supplements can have a significant impact on slowing the progression of diabetes as well as the progression of cellular shifts toward the Warburg effect. Diet and dietary supplements targeted at glycemic regulation based on individual needs, including those improving insulin resistance, immunity,
inflammatory responses, gut health, and chronic stress, are important in decreasing the metabolic spiral to type 2 diabetes and eventually cancer.

Diabetes and Cancer

Green Immunity Boosters

Green Immunity Boosters
Using Olive Leaf Extract, ARA-Larix, and Andrographis

If you're fighting a cold, flu, or any other infection, the information within these pages is an invaluable resource. but even if you're just feeling run-down, have less energy, or are feeling not as strong as usual, the immune-boosting recommendations in this book can make a world of difference.

Drug Induced Nutrient
Depletion Handbook

2nd Edition

Many of the top 100 drugs prescribed in the United States have been shown to deplete a variety of nutrients. For instance, did you know that the HMG-Co A reductase inhibitors Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, and Zocor, as well as the beta blockers, Toprol, and Lopressor, all deplete coenzyme Q10, a nutrient essential to ATP production in cellular mitochondria? It has also been demonstrated that both oral and inhaled corticosteroids, such as hydrocortisone, Prednisone, Azmacort, Flonase, and Serevent, deplete several important minerals, folic acid, and vitamins C and D.

The popularly prescribed histamine agonists Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac can deplete folic acid, B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin D. The second edition of Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook includes detailed information on these drugs and nearly 1,000 more, and is a valuable reference guide addressing drug-induced nutrient depletion in humans. It expands on the information found in the first edition and the authors' intent is to provide health professionals and the lay public access to the large body of credible scientific research pertaining to drug-induced nutrient deficiencies.

The book is divided into four main sections, in addition to the introduction, appendix, and alphabetical index. The first section is an alphabetical listing of drug monographs by brand and generic name, providing synonyms, pharmacological class, nutrients depleted by the drug, the scientific basis for this information, and a reference to the corresponding nutrient monograph. The second section is a cross reference to the first, alphabetically listing nutrients and the drugs that deplete them, along with a reference number for the abstracts/studies section of the book. The nutrient monograph section is perhaps the most informative, as it provides an alphabetically arranged overview of the nutrients, their biological functions and effects, as well as side effects and toxicity. The monographs also describe the physiological effects of depletion, suggested daily dosage, and dietary sources of the nutrient. The "Studies and Abstracts" section provides brief summaries of the citations and abstracts of over 500 scientific studies corresponding to the drug monographs.

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook

Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide

Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide
2nd Edition

The use of information in this reference requires a complete understanding of many issues related to the support of medical conditions. The Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide is designed to offer the healthcare provider with a comprehensive guide to recommending and using natural products for many common medical conditions.

Pocket-sized quick reference providing data regarding the use of herbs, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, and lifestyle modification. Includes more than 80 conditions and more than 175 natural products. For healthcare providers. Softcover.


Black Cohosh

A Powerful herbal remedy for menopausal symptoms, PMS, depression, and high blood pressure.

Black Cohosh Nature's Versatile Healer - is a practical guide that explains the remarkable benefits provided by black cohosh. Due to its effects on the cardiovascular system, this versatile herb is often employed to treat certain premenstrual symptoms. In addition, it has been proven as a safe alternative to estrogen replacement therapy and shown to be beneficial in fighting headaches, preventing circulatory disorders, easing depression and relieving the pain and inflamation of arthritis.

Black Cohosh

The Cholestin Breakthrough

The Cholestin Breakthrough

Recent scientific evidence suggests that nature may have a safe and effective treatment for high cholesterol. In double-blind studies, Cholestin, a naturally occurring by product of fermented red yeast rice, has been found to safely lower concentrations of LDL - the so-called "bad" cholesterol - by an average of 22 percent. Here, in the first comprehensive look at this revolutionary supplement, Richard Harkness, R. Ph., and James B. LaValle, R.Ph., separate fact from hype to give readers everything they need to know about Cholestin, including what it can and can't do. In this authoritative book, readers will learn: What Cholestin is and how it works,the effectiveness of Cholestin in treating high cholesterol and if it is right for them, also how the body naturally controls cholesterol.

Relora: The Natural Way to Losing
Stress-Related Fat and Wrinkles

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a natural dietary supplement that would help you decrease that unwanted stress, along with the weight gain, sweet cravings, and premature aging it causes? Studies show that Relora, an all- natural formulation of traditional plant medicines, is just such a product. By normalizing cortisol and DHEA levels in the body, Relora tackles the effects of stress head-on, enhancing metabolism, improving the immune system, and slowing the aging process.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on finding and reaping the benefits of managing stress more effectively.

Relora: The Natural Way to Losing Stress-Related Fat and Wrinkles

The Little Book of Nutrients

The Little Book of Nutrients

  • Complete Nutrient Reference
  • Prescription & Non-Prescription Nutrient Depletions
  • Herbal Supplements

Nutraceuticals (a vitamin, mineral, herbal, or other natural substance with medicinal value) can help in disease state management, wellness, prevention, and performance enhancement.

The scientific research on nutraceuticals has exploded over the last decade, providing valuable additions to integrative health.


Metabolic Code Diet e-book

Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight? Do you struggle to accomplish your goals because you lack energy and vitality? Then discover the weak link in your metabolism. Make this the year you realized your dreams. You can do it. We can help.

Metabolic Code Diet e-book

The Little Book of Nutrients

The Key to Healthy Aging: Making Hormone Replacement Work For You

Adding Life To Your Years, Not Just Years to Your Life Most people have a HUGE misconception about aging… We think it’s all downhill after 40. We think that as our years increase we’ll get sick more often… we’ll feel sore and tired… lose muscle mass and energy… become wrinkled… and of course, our sex drive and ability to perform will diminish. That’s just the natural order of things, right? WRONG! It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you can actually feel better and perform better as you grow older.


Cold War

Does taking vitamin C really reduce the duration and severity of colds? You’ll find the answer -- and the science behind it -- in this e-book. It also gives you the truth about zinc lozenges, echinacea, garlic, golden seal, and common homeopathic cold and flu remedies. Do they work … or are they simply a waste of your time and money?

cold war

Four Steps to Diet-free Weight Loss

Four Steps To Diet-Free Weight Loss

Approximately 70% of the U.S. population is overweight, and Americans spend billions of dollars annually on diets and weight loss programs. The 4 bioactive compounds revealed in this e-book can help you lose weight safely and naturally, without fad diets or dangerous prescription weight loss pills.


Natural Remedies for
Lowering Cholesterol

More than 2,600 Americans die from cardiovascular disease daily, and the two most common dietary factors putting you at risk are fat and cholesterol. This e-book is your guide to foods that lower your cholesterol and risk of heart disease as well as foods to avoid. Get the straight talk on olive oil … omega-3 … salt … alcohol … folic acid … potassium … garlic … green tea … L-Carnitine … and more.

Natural Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol

Drugs That Make You Starve

Drugs That Make You Starve

Dozens of common prescription medications actively deplete magnesium, chromium, and other vital nutrients in your body to dangerously low levels. In this e-book, you’ll get a checklist of these drugs … the bioactive compounds they rob you of … and how to overcome their nutrition-depletion effects.


Unleashing Your Natural Energy

Do you notice that your energy goes up and down during the day or that you constantly feel tired and just don’t have the energy to do all you want to do?

If you feel worn out, or suffer from erratic energy, you are not alone. Fatigue is actually a primary complaint from patients to their doctors.
In this e-book, you’ll find the keys to unlocking your natural energy.

Unleashing Your Natural Energy

The 5 Foods You Should Never Eat

The 5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Dr. LaValle shows you which foods he warns patients to remove from their shopping carts at the supermarket -- and why. Number one on the list of worst food ingredients: high-fructose corn syrup. This metabolic wrecking ball elevates insulin resistance, triggers metabolic syndrome, depresses the immune system, interferes with the body’s ability to burn glucose, and causes dangerous depletion of key minerals including chromium, zinc, and magnesium.

Fructose is a prescription for metabolic disaster that can lead to a host of health problems including early onset of diabetes and weight gain. Reason: fructose cuts your production of leptin, the hormone that tells us we are full.


Syndrome X And Your Metabolic Code

Syndrome X, also known as Metabolic Syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome is a perfect metabolic storm that will eventually lead you down the path of diabetes and heart disease.

Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight, and that if you look, you can see it coming. In this e-book, find out the warning signals, identify the risks and then make a commitment to become fully engaged in your own health's destiny.

Relora: The Natural Way to Losing Stress-Related Fat and Wrinkles

The Little Book of Nutrients

No More Arthritis Aches and Pains

Do your joints feel “stiff” and “achy” in the morning when you get out
of bed? Have the kinds of recreational activities you used to enjoy become a thing of the past?
Wear and tear on the joints is definitely more of a problem for us as we age, but did you know that those “minor” symptoms of aches, pains and stiffness can also be signs of a bigger change in your whole body metabolism — uncontrolled inflammation? In this e-book, find out the “usual suspects” that affect our metabolism and can lead to inflammation in many areas of our bodies and how to stop the pain.


Nature's Valium

Instead of popping Valium or Xanax to relieve anxiety, try this safe, gentle, natural botanical agent instead. It helps to balance the stress on your adrenals -- to keep your cortisol levels in check.

Relora: The Natural Way to Losing Stress-Related Fat and Wrinkles
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