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Akeso Water Hemp Water, 12 Pack

Hemp Powered Hydration to fuel, protect and revitalize your mind + body

Case of 12 – 16.9 fl oz/ 500 ml bottles with sports caps


  • 10 mg organic broad spectrum hemp

  • Electrolyte-rich ultra-purified water with just a hint of citrus

  • No calories, sugar or artificial anything

Jim introduces Akeso water and showcases how they are using a technology called TruTrace to show exactly what’s in the product, and what it has been tested for, to make sure it is clear of pesticides and other contaminants. 


Potential Health Benefits of CBD

  • Reduced Stress

  • Reduced Nervousness

  • Reduced Anxiety 

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved Immune Function 

  • Inflammation Response

For the full list of potential health benefits get a copy of our new FREE CBD eBOOK below!

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